Tec7 Transparent Universal Sealant Adhesive - 310 ml / Crystal Clear

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After curing, super strong and permanently elastic. Free of solvents and isocyanates.

  • Colour: Crystal Clear
  • Base Material: MS Polymer
  • Capacity: 310 ml
  • Nature: Elastic Paste
  • Flow: 5 bar / 3 mm / 23°C 160 g/min
  • Skin Formation: 23°C 50% R.H. 5 minutes
  • Tack-Free: 23°C 50% R.H. 40 minutes
  • Full hardening: 23°C 50% R.H: 24h - 4 mm, 48 h - 5 mm, 72 h - 8 mm
  • Hardness - DIN 53505: 40 Shore A
  • Volume Shrinkage After Curing: < 2%
  • Tensile Strength: 220 N/cm²
  • Tear Strength - DIN 53507: ca 40N/cm²
  • Thermal Stability: - -30°C to +95°C - peak: 155°C - max. 30 minutes
  • E-Module: 100% 0,9 mPa
  • Adhesion: Excellent on (among other things) tiles, cement, natural stone, wood, concrete, aluminium, with the exception of PP, PE, PTFE and bitumen
  • Elongation at Break - DIN 53504: >350% UV-resistance: over time discolouring can develop due to external influences
  • Overpaintable: OK with most solvent- and water-based lacquers
  • Pressure Resistance (ISO 11432): 0,84 N/mm²
  • Shelf Life: 12 months, in closed original packaging, dry, cool and frost-free
Chemical Resistance:
  • Good: Water, seawater, aliphatic solvents, greases, diluted organic acids, lyes and oils
  • Moderate: Esters, ketones, aromatics
  • Poor: Concentrated acids, chlorinated solvents
  • Processing temperature from +5°C to +40°C
  • Apply to clean, dust and grease-free substrate
  • Use Tec7 Prepare & Finish to clean and degrease safely, obtain the perfect finish, and to remove uncured Tec7 polymers. In case of heavy soiling, clean with Tec7 Cleaner and/or Multiclean
  • Apply with manual or air caulking gun (best with telescopic plunger)
  • Due to the wide variety of different plastic materials and compositions, as well as materials that are prone to stress cracking, preliminary trials are recommended
  • Test the adhesion to plastics, powder coatings, exotic woods and bituminous materials. Start by strengthening weak and/or porous substrates with Fixprimer
  • Due to the diversity of varnishes and paints on the market we recommend preliminary tests. Using products based on alkyd resins may delay the drying process
  • When glueing mirrors in sanitary facilities only apply vertical strips of adhesive to avoid stagnant moisture due to condensation
  • Ideal adhesive thickness for optimal adhesion strength: 3 mm
  • Use in jointing and sealing
  • ISEGA certified
  • EC Regulation 1935/2004
  • Eurofins Gold certified
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Material MS Polymer
Brand Tec7
Volume 310ml
Colour Crystal Clear
Category General Adhesives
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