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"Fences and Sheds are made of wood. If you don't protect wood it'll turn grey in the sun or rot in the rain. At best, it won't look good. At worse, it'll collapse. That's why you need to protect it." Source 

One of the most prevalent things that can affect your fence as time passes is "Wet Rot" mainly thanks to the Irish climate which means DIYers and garden enthusiasts have to work harder on the maintenance of their fences. The most common wet rot fungi are sometimes called Cellar Fungus, which thrives in damp timber and the effect of this on the wood is it to lose weight, strength and ultimately it will collapse.

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Source (Wet rot on a fence panel)


You have invested in your fencing structure, it is important that your fencing matches your home and garden which will reflect your personality. Choose your fence between openness or privacy; it is important to pick the right type of fence panels. The last thing anyone wants is an ugly fence around their garden. An important part of hard landscape garden maintenance is the preservation of your timber fencing structure. It is important to protect from rot and wear and tear. How often have you seen a timber fence fall into disrepair? One possible reason for this is rotting or the structures holding it up are poor!

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Part of your overall garden maintenance should be to maintain a healthy fence structure, this will be a fraction of the cost compared to replacing your fence. At McMahons Builders Providers we carry everything you need in order to maintain your fence structure through our 11 stores nationwide and through our online store.

Here are some simple tips that you can follow to make sure your fence look aesthetically great like the fence you initially purchased and last longer:

Pick the right material – People choose to install a wooden fence for its attractive and traditional look. Wood close to the ground is prone to absorbing moisture and rooting. There are several things that you can install that will help reduce or prevent the rotting: Check out our Garden Fence Collection.

  • Use concrete fence posts
  • Gravel boards
  • Use concrete footing – help prevent moisture absorption

Fence material less prone to rot:

  • Cedar
  • Juniper
  • Redwood
  • Cypress                                                                               

Fence material more prone to rot:

  • Pine



At McMahons, we source our garden fences from premium suppliers who source products from Sustainable Forests. Fence panels are coated with preservative but it is good practice add another coat of preservative in the installation phase and during your annual fence maintenance programme. The main benefit of this is it helps to seal the wood and help prevent it from taking in water.

Concrete Footing - Install the concrete footing away from the wood. The purpose of this is to allow the water to drain away from the wood and keep it away from the wood and lessen the chances of absorption.

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Debris - It is important to clear any debris from the bottom of the fence that will accumulate over the different seasons of the year. There can be a build-up of leaves, grass, branches and plants that can enter the fence through a small crack in the wood. Once the vegetation starts to rot it can spread and cause considerable damage to your fence structure. It is good practice to clear this debris and foliage as part of your maintenance.           

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Rotten sections - Lastly, replace rotten section if you suspect or see rotten sections. You may not have to replace the whole section just the damaged part once it is caught early, this will stop the rot from spreading. The most common area that rots first are the fence posts because they are in contact with the ground. Replace rotten sections and make sure to apply preservative to the new sections or any exposed area from appearing from the installation.  

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Products - McMahons has an excellent range of products that will help maintain your fence. Visit our online store or one of our 11 stores nationwide. We recommend Ronseal "One Coat" Fence Life as part of your fence protection. This keeps your fence like new and vibrant for years and holds the colour against all the weather elements. This should ideally be done every 3-5 years or earlier if you happen to live in a particularly wet area.                                                                               



Has this helped you make a more make a more informed choice when choosing and maintaining your fence, if you have any questions with regards your fence or your hard landscaping? Please let us know your thoughts on Facebook @mcmahonsbuildersproviders or find out more about our range of products on

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