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How to choose the correct plumbing system for your shower and bathroom?

Choosing the right shower for your home that suits your plumbing system that you have installed is an important component of your house. In order to the get the best value out of your shower system, having some understanding of your plumbing can help you make the best shower purchase for your home.

Below is a brief explanation of popular plumbing systems, this can be used as a reference when talking to plumbing professionals, merchants or for just shopping online.

Plumbing Systems

Mains Pressure Combination Boiler

You will know if you have this system in place if you have neither a Hot nor Cold water tank in your house. If you have a boiler in your house the size of a kitchen cupboard then there is a good chance that this is the type of system you have installed.  This type of plumbing system is suitable for electric, digital and mixer showers. A mixer shower may suit your needs if you have an excellent supply of hot water. The supply of water through this is a powerful flow and will give you more of a boost in comparison to electric showers.  Our Dynamic Thermo Bar Shower is a mixer shower that combines elegance and design and excellent performance that can be ideally installed in your bathroom and is harmonious suited for a main pressure boiler.



Low-Pressure Gravity System

This is a system that could be found in a lot of traditional Irish build houses.  A striking feature of this system is if you have a cold water tank stored in your loft and a hot water cylinder installed in your airing press.

There are various benefits of using this system in your home, mainly the flexibility that it gives you for the vast range of shower systems that are available for you to use. You can decide on power, electric or mixer shower system depending on your needs and wants. This system suits a power shower ideally.



Cold Mains Supply

This is a system where an electric shower is solely compatible with this system. You will know if your house has this type of system installed if you do not have hot water stored or you choose that you do not want all of your hot water used up when you use your shower. The electric shower is the only shower that works in conjunction with a cold supply system.

The way electric showers function is that they only use water from your cold supply system. In the electric shower, there is an “Element” similar to that of your electric kettle on how that heats the water. This is regarded as a cost-effective way of showering as you do not need a full boiler tank of water to be heated before you use.  The Triton T90SR or the Mira Elite QT is an excellent choice when it comes to choosing your electric shower that suits your bathroom.




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