Choosing the right shower for your bathroom plumbing system

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When deciding to upgrade or purchase a new shower, it is important to have as much information as possible done beforehand so that you are buying the correct shower to fit with your plumbing system. Outlined below are some of the types of showers currently being sold in the market. There are differences between a Power Shower, Electric Shower and an Electric Pump Shower, below is a brief description of each type.

Power Showers

These types of showers operate on a similar basis to an electric shower but instead have a mixer and booster pump.  These showers are ideal if you have low pressure and in need of a little more boost. It draws upon hot and cold water from your hot water cylinder and attic tank, it then mixes both and thus boosts the pressure so the ideal temperature is achieved. All you need is a 3A fused spur switch which should have RCD protection. A benefit that power showers give you is there is a better balance of the temperature and pressure of the water over that of an electric or mixer shower.

The drawback to using such a shower is that it uses a considerable amount more water so it is important that you factor this in when you are paying for your electricity and water bills.  Another option is to have a normal thermostatic or manual mixer with a hot and cold booster pump which can be placed in the hot press.  It operates on the same principle of a power shower but can look more aesthetically in appearance in the bathroom and the pressure can be higher in some cases.                      

Electric Shower

An electric shower offers great flexibility in its uses and can be the ideal choice if you are looking for a budget friendly option. Electric showers work in all types of water systems, these showers operate from drawing from your cold water supply and only heat the water that you use while the shower is running. This can be cost effective and save you money if there are multiple uses of the bathroom and shower in your home.  An important point to note when purchasing is to look out for the KW rating as the higher the KW rating the higher the flow of water and the ideal temperature that you are looking for.  Some electric shower models come equipped with a stabiliser, this makes sure that your water pressure does not drop or fluctuate if another person is using water in another part the house.  At McMahons we supply electric showers from the leading brands Triton and Mira.                                                                                                                                   shower 2

Electric Pump Showers

The main difference between this model of a shower and your electric shower is that it is gravity based, in that the water is sent from the water tank in the loft or the attic. The required water pressure is supplied in the way of a pump which gives you a memorable showering experience. It works excellent if you have low water pressure in your area.  Also, there will be no sudden changes in water pressure or temperature. The only downside to this type of shower model is that it is a little more expensive to run than your regular electric shower.   

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Has this helped you make a more make a more informed choice when choosing your bathroom and shower system  If you have any questions with regards your shower? Please let us know your thoughts on Facebook @mcmahonsbuildersproviders or find out more on our range of shower products on

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