McMahons Hardwood & Sheet Materials specialise in the import and supply of quality Hardwood and Sheet Material products. We supply an extensive range of specialist timber products nationwide, serving a wide range of trade based customers including Carpenters, Joiners and Kitchen & Furniture Manufacturers.

McMahons Hardwood & Sheet Materials has 3 specialist stores located in Dublin, Limerick & Waterford. Each offering a large selection of timber products and a wealth of advice and assistance to our trade based customers.


Family owned since 1830

From our earliest days, McMahons have been a major importer of timber materials to support its various activities. Our family owned hardwood timber business began back in 1830 and over 185 years later, we continue to supply high quality hardwoods and softwoods through our branch network of builders providers branches and also through our specialised Hardwood & Sheet Material divisions.


What We Offer

Below is a list of the Hardwoods and Softwoods that our Hardwoods & Sheet Material division offer. We also stock a selection of Pine & Oak Lamwoods, Stair Parts and Sheet Materials including MDF, Hardboard, Plywood and OSB Board.

We offer a nationwide delivery service so no matter where you are in the country we have you covered. (Delivery will incur a charge - Timber is not sold online, only at branch)


American Hardwoods

White American Oak

(Quercus Alba)

Durability: Moderately Durable

Density: 770 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery exterior – interior , furniture, flooring

Red American Oak

(Quercus Rubra)

Durability: Slightly Durable

Density: 740 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery – internal, furniture, flooring

White American Ash

(Fraxinus Americana)

Durability: Not Durable

Density: 670 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery – Internal

American Poplar/Tulipwood


Durability: Slightly Durable

Density: 510 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery – internal, furniture

American Black Walnut

(Juglans Nigra)

Durability: Moderately Durable

Density: 660 kg/m3

Uses: Furniture

American Hard Maple

(Acer Saccharum)

Durability: Slightly Durable

Density: 740 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery – internal, furniture, flooring

American Cherry

(Prunus Serotina)

Durability: Moderately Durable

Density: 580 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery – Internal furniture

Sheet Materials

MDF Sheets

Bigger and better range of products

Plain MDF

Fibralac Deep Rooting

Melamined MDF

OSB Sheeting

(Oriented Strand Board)

Various Sizes

Tough Ply



Visit our new Sheet Materials Unit

Hardwood Faced



African & South East Asian Hardwoods


(Chorophora Excelsa)

Durability: Durable

Density: 660 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery interior – exterior, cladding


(Entandrophragma Cylindricum)

Durability: Moderately Durable

Density: 640 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery exterior – interior, furniture


(Distemonanthus Benthamianus)

Durability: Moderately Durable

Density: 720 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery Interior - Veneer, cabinetry, furniture, and flooring


(Dipterocarpus spp)

Durability: Durable

Density: 745 kg/m3

Uses: Furniture, flooring, trailer decks, and utility lumber

European Hardwoods

Steemed Beech

(Fagus Sylvatica)

Durability: Not Durable

Density: 720 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery internal, furniture

European Oak

(Quercus Robur)

Durability: Durable

Density: 720 kg/m3

Uses:  Joinery interior – exterior, cladding, structural, furniture, flooring

American Softwoods


(Thuja Plicata)

Durability: Durable

Density: 390 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery – external, cladding, decking

Southern Yellow Pine

(Pinus strobus)

Durability: Slightly Durable

Density: 420 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery – internal

Scandinavian Softwoods

Red Deal Vths

(Pinus Slyvestris)

Durability: Slightly Durable

Density: 510 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery – internal, furniture

Red Deal Unsorted

(Pinus Slyvestris)

Durability: Slightly Durable

Density: 510 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery – internal, furniture

White Deal Sawfalling

(Picea Abies)

Durability: Moderately Durable

Density: 425 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery - Exterior & Interior

Douglas Fir

(Pseudotsuga menziesii)

Durability: Moderately Durable

Density: 530 kg/m3

Uses: Joinery – external, cladding


Contact Details


Unit 3, Kylemore Park North, Kylemore Road, Dublin 10


Email: [email protected]


Open: Monday - Friday 8am-1pm (Closed for Lunch) 2pm-4pm


Branch Manager: Sean Egan


Units 3 & 4, Polefield Business Park, Corcanree, Dock Rd. Limerick


Email: [email protected]


Open: Monday - Thursday 8am-5pm (Closed for Lunch 1-2pm)

Friday 8am-5pm (Closed for Lunch 1-2pm) 


Branch Manager: Charlie O' Neill


Six Cross Roads, Kilbarry, Waterford


Email: [email protected]


Open: Monday - Friday 8am-1pm (Closed for Lunch) 2pm-4pm


Branch Manager: Peadar McCarthy

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