Fleetwood One Coat Ceiling Paint - 5 L

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Fleetwood one-cover ceiling paint is a premium quality, high hiding, easy to apply, drip resistant finish for new and old ceilings.

Voc Content:
  • Contains max VOC; 14 g/l
  • Conforms to EU 2010 Directive (Cat A/a) 30 g/l
Composition (Nominal):
  • Pigment: Brilliant white light-fast pigments
  • Binder: Copolymer emulsion
  • Solvent: Water
Solids - Specific Gravity:
  • Volume Solids: 30.0 % (+/- 1%)
  • Weight Solids: 51.0 % (+/- 1%)
  • Specific Gravity: 1.45 g/l (+/- 0.1)
Surface Preparation:

Surfaces to be painted must be in sound condition. Use in accordance with good painting practice. Remove oil, grease and flaking material. Treat powdery surfaces with fleetwood Masonry Primer. Surfaces to be painted must be sound, clean, dry and free from all defective or poorly adhering material, dirt, grease and salts. New plaster and masonry must be fully dry before priming. Treat powdery surfaces with Fleetwood Masonry Primer. Use in accordance with good painting practices.


Temperature (air, surface, material) (at least 4?C above dew point) 10?C to 42?C. relative humidity 75% maximum.

Spreading Rate:

As a guide a coverage rate of up to 16 m2/litre can be achieved on non-porous surfaces under normal conditions.


Reduce by up to 10% as required by application and or equipment.

Spray Recommendations:

Conventional Spray: Satisfactory through most equipment.

Airless Spray: A typical recommendation for airless spray application is a minimum working pressure on paint of 140 kg/cm2 (2000 Ibs/in2) with a spray tip size of 0.38 mm to 0.46 mm (15 - 18 thou) spray tip angle 65°. Filter mesh 60.

Drying Times (Single Coat, Standard Thickness):
  • Touch Dry: 1 hr.
  • Recoat: 3 hr.

This is dependent upon temperature and humidity. Darker colours may take longer. 26?C to 50% RH @ 4 thou wet.

Cleaning Up:

Clean up with soap and water. After cleaning up be sure to flush spray equipment with solvent to prevent rusting following manufacturer’s instructions. Dispose of can in accordance with local authority guidelines.

Tinting Instructions:
  • Tint only with fleetwood tinting systems
Previously Painted Surfaces:

If in sound condition, clean the surface of all foreign material. Glossy surfaces must be rubbed down to provide a key. If paint is peeling or badly weathered, clean to sound substrate and treat as new.


Keep out of reach of children. Ensure good ventilation during application and drying. If the product comes in contact with the eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water. To remove splashes from skin use soap and water or a recognised skin cleaner. Do not take internally. Contains no added lead.

  • Colour: Brilliant White
  • Size: 5 L
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Brand Fleetwood
Weight 5L
Volume 5L
Colour White
Category Ceiling Paints
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